This spacious model features a gambrel style roofline all designed to provide plenty of overhead storage space. For many of our customers it’s like having a second shed.The amount of space that can be put to good use is often amazing. Available in sizes:6′,8′,10′,12′,14′,and 16′ wide and up to 24’long.  

These well made buildings are suited for storage of household items, tools, gardening equipment and supplies, housing for small animals, as horse barns, pets houses, and much more. These models help serve the storage needs of homes and business’s located in NH and Mass and beyond. The buyer’s of these great gambrel styled structures often are attracted to unique roofline, but many purchase for the extra space this design offer’s. You may order your shed with a loft added to  easily put that extra space to use. Have a kayak or bikes to store? The standard model provides a great deal of interior area with wall heights set at 6′-3″, but we also offer a optional 7′-0″ or 8′-0″ versions as well. We’re experienced shed builders with the right mix of stylish designs and features to handle all your storage needs. Standard framing throughout the shed is set at 16″ on center. Your floor can be constructed to handle the weight of an auto if necessary. The walls of your shed can be heightened to fit a tractor, or the roof can be built to any degree required at the your request. A variety of door and window options are available. We also have siding and roofing in a variety of colors to match all customers requests.  See pricing and options.

Just need more space ? Have a cluttered basement, garage, or other room that’s so full every time you look in you say to yourself, “I really need to do something about this!” Now’s the time. Call today to get for your new “Storage Master”. Tel.(603) 679-3500 or 1(800) 618-8118.

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