New Englander’s are proud of there Colonial Style homes. Are you living in the New England area and in need of significant storage space for your property? There’s no better way to compliment your backyard more than to install one of these finely made, economical storage solutions built by pro shed builders.

Why settle for any old shed when you can have the best?  Looking for a traditional A-roof design with greater attic or storage loft area?  The Colonial model offers the “perfect solution” and it’s constructed with a stronger and steeper roof pitch. Matching siding and roofing is also available with each unit produced to properly blend into the surroundings of your property. Our own experienced shed builders will finish your building with a variety of sidings such as pine, vinyl, or T-111. All customers may add custom wide doors if necessary, upgrade design’s with extra-duty weight-bearing floors, add transom’s or extra windows and more at their option as desired.

Our construction is as sturdy as the houses that have graced the landscape of Massachusetts and New Hampshire for over a century. These quality made pre-fabricated structures are a welcome addition to any new home or existing backyard throughout New England.

If you are looking for a new work shop, a customized building, a new garage, firewood storage unit, or maybe an animal shelter, then stop by and check us out, you’ll be glad you did. We are best known for good value and true quality NH sheds too. Just take a look at our gallery page, the photos speak for themselves. Call sales office at 1-603-679- 3500 or toll free 1-800-618-8118 to get yours today!

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