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Our skilled workers are ready to build the shed floor you’ll need to accommodate all of the items you plan to store. Many buyers often require a upgraded design to accomodate a small vehicle, a lawn tractor, or other extreme use such as for tools and equipment. We able to upgrade your floor construction to meet all of your requirements. Prefabricated factory cutouts created and quickly assembled by some other companies can lead to failure, and generally do not meet the test in many ways. Most of the time items are placed in position and remain there for an extended period. In order to maintain it integrity, it’s crucial to make the necessary changes where needed at the time of assembly. Feel comforted knowing when you purchase  from us your shed floor is able to hold its weight over time. Please have a look at our gallery of past custom projects then give us a call to discuss the shed floor you’ll be needing.

FLOOR CONSTRUCTION (included in base price)

  • Pressure treated 2”x6” framing on all shed floor frames.
  • 16” o. c. joists spacing .
  • 5/8” plywood for used for decking.


  • 3/4″ pressure treated plywood $1.25 per square foot.
  • 3/4” CDX plywood $.75 per sq. foot.
  • Heavy-duty P.T. 2”x 6”  12” joist spacing, $.50 per sq. foot.
  • Super-duty P.T. 2”x 8”, 16” o. c. joists, $1.50 sq. foot.
  • Extra super duty P.T. 2”x 8” 12” on center add $2.00 sq. foot.

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Common sense suggests that if you are going to be storing a large tractor, a plow, stacks of bricks, tile, tools or other heavy items, you’ll need a reinforced floor that will hold the concentration of extra weight. If you have any special considerations that need to be accounted for in the construction of your shed, we invite you to come in and talk to us.Let us hear your ideas and we will be happy to find the solution that fits your storage needs.

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