Our Cantebury is the traditional peaked-roof style storage shed,  built to stand the test of time. These extra tough backyard buildings offer roof construction using 16” rafter/truss spacing and 1/2” CDX grade plywood. The standard floor construction uses pressure treated 2”x6” ‘s  set at 16” o. c.  joists spacing with 3/4” plywood for a sturdy deck. The walls are 2”x 4” construction with 16” spacing and 6’ x 3” wall heights. Options are available to create stronger floors, taller walls, and more. Customize your new shed now using our Shed Builder Tool below!

The “Cantebury” is big favorite, each one is built using the popular A-frame roof design. Many of the standard methods used in new home construction go directly into the fabrication of these outdoor storage units.  We stock a selection of sidings; 1″x8″ pine T&G v-match, 5/8″ T-111 8″ Type, and vinyl d-4 type siding to choose from. Each new shed plan  starts with one double door and 2 windows (1 used on smaller units). You may choose alternate combinations of doors and windows when ordering. We also supply white, black, or tan, 3 tab type 25 year asphalt shingles roofing, but we have other colors  and architectural type available for customers matching existing structures.  Are you looking for optional features such as taller or wider doorways, custom ramps, or a fully customized building? We’ve serviced many residential settings, churches, business’s, professionals, commercial sites, and more, in need of  finding the right storage shed solution for their’ particular situation. We supply add-on’s such as, floor construction alternatives, special shelving, work benches, lofts and much more to make shed organizing a real success. Folks looking for something built a little better will be happy to get one of these traditionally detailed outbuildings set up in their backyard.  (See pricing and options.)

We build, deliver, and install to customer’s sites throughout NH, MA, ME, RI, VT.

To order a shed use our contact form and we’ll get back to you promptly.

You may call us direct at: (603) 679 3500.

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