Almost every customer who has purchased a Shedmaster Shed has told us that they have gotten more use out of it than they ever thought possible. We love to hear these comments and tributes because our sheds are designed to leave you feeling confident your making the right purchasing decision.

The Carriage House Shed is a great example of our work. This stylish beauty boasts a 7’-1” high front wall that provides extra interior working space. This design also includes a stylish extended front roof line. These storage sheds can be put to a variety of uses.  To complete your shed, optional flooring upgrades, shelving, workbenches, lofts, pt 2″x6″ ramps and more are available. Flexibility in door and window placements means your order can be customized to fit where needed in your backyard. Matching siding and architectural roofing is also available so you can be sure your shed compliments adjacent structures. Available in sizes: 6′,8′,10′,12′,14′,16′ width’s and up to 24′ long. Anything is possible when you work with the Shedmaster Co.

We’re the go-to guys for Carriage sheds for sale in New Hampshire. Great value and great service are just the beginning. We’re centrally located in Brentwood, and just a short drive from Massachusetts and Maine. It’s worth the trip to see what we have to offer. Why overpay for your next shed? Additional costs  just gets piled on by our “big” competitors facing large marketing budgets, expensive layered management, and commission costs to absorb.

We’ll can build you a  great Carriage design or any of the other models at a fraction of the their cost,  keeping the savings in your pocket.

Call 1-800-618-8118  or 603 -679 -3500 and get a lot more shed for your dollars.

Member of the NH Better Business Bureau.

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