Why should I choose Shedmaster over some of the other shed companies?
Good question. The simple answer is because we build quality sheds that will usually cost you less money, sometimes significantly less money, than that of our competitors. How are we able to do that? Well, for one, we don’t have extraordinary advertising and marketing costs. You’ll notice some of our competitors are all over the radio, TV, and internet. Don’t be fooled into thinking these companies build better quality sheds than Shedmaster! The only difference is that you, the customer, are footing the bill for their advertising costs with marked up sheds.

Does Shedmaster use high quality materials?
Yes! Our reputation is important and we want to be proud of any unit that we put up. We do not cut corners and use low-quality materials like many of the big box stores. On top of that, owner, Mike Gregor, has been in the industry since the 70’s – we take a lot of pride in our work!

How long will my shed last?
Our sheds will last many years and possibly even a lifetime with proper regular maintenance. When you get a shed from Shedmaster, rest assured we do not cut corners and use cheap materials like many that you find from the big box stores. Our sheds are built to last, period.

Does Shedmaster do custom work? Can you build the shed to my specifications?
Of course. Whether you’re looking for something standard, or have precise specifications – we will bring your ideas to life!

What about custom features? Can I add a porch roof? What about wide-doors to fit a vehicle?
Yes! We will build the exact shed that you want – custom features are always welcome.

Where can I look at some of your sheds?
Stop on by. We’re located at 370 Rte. 125 in Brentwood, NH. You can always check out some photos on Facebook or in the Gallery on our website as well.

I don’t live in New Hampshire. Can you still build and install my shed?
Yes! We are often contracted to do work outside New Hampshire – whether you’re in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, or Connecticut – give us a call 1-800-618-8118 and see how we can help.